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Magmhorin Ballista Chaos Dwarves Infernal Dwarf Legion of Azgorh, warhammer WFB

Magmhorin Ballista Chaos Dwarves Infernal Dwarf Legion of Azgorh, warhammer WFB

This is the highly detailed Magmhorin Ballista model for Legion of Azgorh, Chaos Dwarves or your Infernal Dwarf collection, designed by Lost Kingdom Miniatures. This is a seriously HUGE and highly detailed model and would make an excellent proxy model to use in your Legion of Azhorh army or Chaos Dwarf army. It would make an amazing base for a Skullcracker war machine giving you something menacing and unique.

The standard sizing of this model is approximately 160mm tall, 187mm long and 153mm wide. It will come supplied with a black FDM printed base to mount the model on. The remaining 20 pieces including the 3 crew members will be produced in premium quality resin. This model will not disappoint!
If this sizing is different to your needs feel free to contact me, we have a range of machines here that can do up to 50cm tall in a single piece if you need!

Where possible all minis will be 3D printed in high quality grey resin.

All minis come unassembled, unpainted and unprimed. The will have the supports removed to the best of our abilities, thoroughly cleaned and checked over. We have been manufacturing using 3D printing for 2 years now and take pride in providing the highest quality work. These models do require assembly, painting and effort put in, which is the hobby. Due to the sheer size of this model and its pose we recommend pinning the model together to avoid accidental breakage.

We are licenced to sell physical copies of Lost Kingdom Miniatures. We do not distribute files.
If you had a design in that we do not offer, please get in touch. We offer a wide range of 3D print services

    We stand by our work, but we are only human. If for some reason you are unhappy with our product, just get in touch. We will work with you, refund or replace to make sure you get the customer service experience you deserve.


    Free shipping for orders over $100 within Australia

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