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Bulbasaur Pokemon indoor planter pot

Bulbasaur Pokemon indoor planter pot


These adorable planter pots are made from environmentally friendly, plant based plastic and are the hand painted to give each one its own little personality.

They come in 3 different sizes:

Small: 91mm long and 57mm tall
Medium: 137mm long and 86mm tall
Large: 183mm long and 115mm tall

Excellent drainage is incorporated into the design so it looks great and cares for your plant.

These have been made using environmentally friendly PLA+ plastic in an FDM manufacturing process, sealed and hand painted so we can easily offer you personalized designs if you had any requests. Due to the nature of FDM technology there will be some surface texture and artifacts from the process but these will not affect the overall appearance or function of the piece. We do have very high standards when it comes to our products, if we would not be happy to receive it then we certainly wouldn't send it to our customers!

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