D&D Monster Listener Hydra Voidrealms Minis

D&D Monster Listener Hydra Voidrealms Minis

This is a resin miniature of a Dungeons and Dragons monster known as the Listener Hydra, this amazing sculpt was created by Voidrealm Minis and has an incredibly detailed, creative and surreal look to the piece making it not only a work of art but something truely memorable!

The standard size of this piece puts it at approximately 65mm tall produced in a single piece.
Every effort is made to keep these minis looking flawless, the production process may leave small marks on the surface but we have the strictest quality standards, supports are placed in a way to minimise and blemishes and our post processing is very thorough.
We have been manufacturing for over 2 years and take pride in offering you the best product at a great price and we stand by our work. If you are not happy with your purchase in any way contact us and we will aim to make it right.

I am licensed to sell physical prints of models created by Voidrealm Minis.

Original digital .stl of this model and other incredible sculpts can be purchased either by joining the Voidrealm Minis Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/voidrealmmini)


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